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Jimmy Gillentine guest post

Author Jimmy Gillentine guest posts and more reasons to check out the Literary Underworld.


Part of a Writing Family

By Jimmy D. Gillentine

I started writing a few years ago just for fun. But one day a story got into my head, a story of love, blood, and horror. It was a story that would not go away no matter how hard I tried to forget it. It became Of Blood and the Moon, my first novella.

A lot of people were shocked that I, as a guy, would write a story about love and romance. I remember the looks I would get at book signings when I told them my book was a horror/love story. “Why not write something with more action and blood and guts?” I was asked.

I had to laugh at that. They hadn’t read my book yet. Of Blood and the Moon has plenty of blood and guts to it. I did my best to combine love and horror in my first book. And considering that it was the first runner-up for the Darrell Award in Memphis, I think I did a decent job of it.

I will say that it was hard being a writer with a new book out and not knowing much about the business. I had never been to a sci-fi convention until my book was up for the Darrell Award. A old friend of mine told me about something called the Literary Underworld and said I should join it. I never heard of it before and was interested in whatever could help me in this new world into which I was stepping.

The Literary Underworld is a author cooperative that was started by Elizabeth Donald. The LU sells books from several different writers, both online and at the many different conventions to which it travels. It was started to bring writers together and help promote their work and the work of the other writers in the group.

Being a part of the LU has helped me as a writer in so many ways.  It has gotten my books to places I couldn’t have reached by myself. Being sold online through the LU webstore and being displayed at cons has gotten my work into the hands of people that might never have even heard of me.

But the main reason why I like the LU is the friendship I have formed with my fellow writers in the group. It feels good to be at a con and to talk to a fellow Underlord (our little title for ourselves) about writing, the nature of the business, or how much fun the cons can be. I feel as though the Literary Underworld is a family of sorts. A little bit crazy at times, but still a family of very talented and special people that I am proud to call my fellow Underlords.

The biggest reason why I love the Literary Underworld is because I met the very beautiful Elizabeth Donald. I have the honor of being in love with her and we are getting married in 2014. So the LU really changed my life for the better, to say the least.

Check out for my newest work, A Night at Death’s Door. It’s a new direction for me, as I try to take a bite out of vampires with a dash of laughs just for the fun of it. You can also check out my website at for the latest news about me.