Moneyshots, or That Novel You Always Wanted to Write

Being a writer, one meets other writers. This wasn’t always so, or at least at such a daily frequency. Frankly, until the interwebs thing got going full swing, and I went to NYC in 2005 to the World Horror Con, I oft thought I might be the only one like this. This? Yeah, an author, a writer guy plagued by tales that needed to come out. Sure, I’d had a great deal of interaction with other writers back in the days of, gasp, snail mail…back when an attachment was a LEGO accessory or a device purchased at a lurid bookshop, but I digress. It did surprise me that there were others similar to me, as far as being creative, but I also learned their were quite a few stripes to the rainbow of writerdom, and many of those lines got blurry and were chewed on a little by mice or larger vermin.

I’ve always had many ideas for novels. There are about twenty outlines in my file cabinet now for full fledged books. However, I was surprised to learn that many an author has only a couple novels in them. Other writers can churn out a new one at will, or on any topic, but that’s another blog topic. What I saw was that various labored over a book for years, that this tome was their one passion and they were so afraid of someone reading it that many times, nobody ever got to.

Steven Shrewsbury

While moderately human, I’ve always been a crap or get off the pot kinda person. Yes, I’ve drug my feet on things, but usually, one has to know when to cut the cord on a work. Some ideas are better than others, but I always had a few really super ones, or at least I thought, and in my mind, I deemed them “moneyshots” to use a porno term, or, the big one, as it were. These were ideas so freaking incredible, sliced bread bows to them. Or at least makes way for the butter.

Why do I bring this up at all? One of those ideas that I wanted to get out before I died, a story I have longed to tell since I was a child is coming out. PHILISTINE: A Story of Goliath. When talking of this work, I oft start saying, “This doesn’t include his death at all and the Hebrews are hardly mentioned.” Jeez, how’d he manage that in such an epic? Read and see. Long enamored with the character of Goliath, and how they said to David, “He is a man of war since his youth,” I felt there existed ample material for a fantasy epic.

I started work on this one near to six years ago after WHC in Salt Lake City, and the first draft owned me. My novels usually clock out at 75-90k tops & I can crank them in a month, but in the end, PHILISTINE sits at 137k words, so many characters and things going on, that it’s truly a magnum opus…and the first draft took half a year. I then set about , every six months or so, of walking through it again. I fell into the thing I oft scoffed at writers for, going over the work, repeatedly, heck, enjoying spending time in that world each time. Was I getting screwier or were they right?

Goliath was more than I bargained for, a real anti-hero on steroids, dark humor, torrid thoughts and bored with the world, sometimes not seeing how many folks might have it in for him. The book seethes with action, violence and lurid characters. I researched the era and this story is the end result of many a dusty volume consumed over my entire life, as well as numerous I pursued while writing it.

So, I think everyone who likes fantasy novels, epic, high, low or off the charts, this one is for you. It’s a long book, but I promise a great deal happens in it. This isn’t an exercise in world building, this is a story, a yarn about a brutal warrior in a time of demons, petty false gods and evil people, bent on their own selfish means…kinda like now. If you, dear reader, judges it as a Moneyshot or perhaps something better, drop me a line.

Give PHILISTINE a read. I promise you’ll want to spend more time in that time, or run screaming to a safe place.

Philistine is available in kindle and nook format



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